Amaze In Grace
Madero x *Guizella
Classical Spanish
Born 1995
SCID Clear
Gracie and her 2003 filly
HCS Lluvia Plata and her 2002 colt
Picante in back ground.
Gracie and
HCS Azucar y Picante
2002 colt
Gracie and her 2006 colt,
HCS Maxim's Legacy
Amaze In Grace
Under saddle with Michelle Oehler
March 2008
Gracie's pedigree
Gracie Jan 2010
Gracie and me
July 2010
Gracie and Brittney
Gracie was an awesome  broodmare,
producing 3 beautiful foals
for us that we are retaining.
Now at age 15 she is starting
a new career as  an awesome trail horse.